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The internet has changed the way information is shared.  Over the past 10 years or so, the amount of information that can be found about radios has exploded.  If you collect, you can have your very own website or blog just like I have done here.  My site has allowed me to “meet” other collectors and experts.  Here is a small collection of radio resources that you might find interesting.

For the largest collection of radios for sale on the internet (mostly tube radios), you may have already seen Steve Adams Radio Attic at  The Radio Attic also has a huge archieve of radios to help you identify your treasure.

I got my start selling transistor radios on the internet at the Radio Attic over 8 years ago.  During that time, I have sold over 300 radios.  I have also contributed many of the pictures of transistors that are on the huge archieves database.  I still support this great site with a small selection of special transistor radios for sale.

If you are looking for a shortwave radio, Paul and Cheryl Drake from the Chicago area have a huge collection from all over the world that they share on their site  Don’t miss it.

Ok techies, you just have to go see what Bob McGarrah has for you at  where he shares the findings of research he has done on various projects (including Zenith).  Bob has provided technical information and supurb photos of the guts of these wireless wonders.  You will want to set aside several hours for this site.

A great Flickr site houses my friend from Canada’s pictures.  Michael Jack has made it his personal goal to obtain every transistor ever made, and he is well on his way.  Don’t miss his great pictures at is the link to Phil McCarther’s collection.  He has a picture of the earliest known Royal 500 #00016!  He also has other interesting info on Zenith and the Realistic Flavor radios.  Don’t miss it. is an impressive webpage by author Jay Allen who is a real radio nut.  He covers it all in great detail on his site and I have learned a great deal from it.  He covers it all from the GE SuperRadios to how to build an AM/SW antenna.  Great reading from a very knowledgeable radio resource.  Don’t pass over this one. 

Need to find a radio station or identify the one you found while DXing?  Try

Thanks, Gary

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  1. I have a working Zenith Royal 800 radio. Are you interested in purchasing before I list it on eBay? Thanks.

  2. I have a R7000-2 transoceanic need to know the proper alignment of the rotery switches as the gear on the dial drum became disconnected fron the gear that drives the rotery switches. the metal set screw in the nylon piece that held the springs and balls splet the threaded part and sliped apart. I should be able to put the detent back together but before I do that I have to figure what is position one or twelve on the rotary switch. or if you could tell me if the rotary switch is the same in all R7000’s the 7000, 7000Y, 7000-1, 7000-2 thanks Ken Somers

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